Yokogawa - Pressure



EJA Pressure/ Differential Pressure Transmitters

EJA-SeriesThe DPharp EJA Series is a best-selling differential pressure transmitter which incorporates our high accuracy resonating pressure (HARP) silicon sensor, a field-proven Yokogawa technology that is intelligent and offers ultra-high performance.

This transmitter's compact and light weight design has been achieved without compromising performance or service life. The digital principle of the sensor provides repeatability and stability that is superior to analog sensor designs and is virtually immune to the effects of vibration, temperature, static pressure, and overpressure events.

EJX Pressure/ Differential Pressure Transmitters

EJX-SeriesThe DPharp EJX is Yokogawa's latest differential pressure transmitter. With its field-proven silicon sensor, this technology is both intelligent and offers ultra-high performance.

The evolution of the silicon resonant sensor has enabled the simultaneous measurement of differential pressure and static pressure with a single sensor, offering unsurpassed accuracy and unmatched long-term stability. The DPharp EJX is SIL 2 certified.