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Yokogawa - Analyzer

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PH450G 4-Wire pH/ORP Analyzer

PH450GThe innovative PH450G 4-Wire pH/ORP Analyzer has a touch screen and is a reliable instrument with high functionality. It is used in medium-scale wastewater treatment and general pH measurement control applications in various industries. It has four contact outputs that can be used for diagnostics, wash routines, and alarm or PID controls.

With its unique human machine interface, the PH450G can display process, diagnostic, trend, and log data, and has eight language options. User-friendly step-by-step calibration routines are also provided that help improve quality. A sensor diagnostic function is included as a standard feature to ensure reliable pH measurements by detecting sensor failures. In addition, HART communication over an output current signal is enabled.

PH202G, PH202S 2-Wire pH/ORP Analyzers (General and Explosionproof)

PH202G-PH202SThe PH202 pH/ORP Analyzer is designed for a 2-wire system configuration and is ideal for large-scale instrumentation. It can be used in hazardous areas and supports digital communications using the HART, Profibus-PA, or Fieldbus protocols.

The sensor diagnostics have been enhanced with the provision of an improved impedance check. Flexibility, low maintenance, and low installation costs are among the benefits of this analyzer. In addition to the sensor diagnostics, contact output for failure or wash can be used in combination with a dedicated distributor.

DC402G Dual-Cell Conductivity Analyzer

DC402GFlexibility, reliability and low maintenance are among the benefits provided by the DC402G dual cell conductivity analyzer.

 Designed to meet the exacting requirements of measuring dual cell conductivity and resistivity in the modern industrial environment, it contains many features to ensure the best precision whatever the application. Differential, ratio, deviation, % passage or % rejection can be indicated and/or transmitted.

FLXA21 Modular 2-Wire Conductivity Analyzer

FLXA21The FLXA21 is a next-generation modular liquid analyzer that can be flexibly configured to measure pH/ORP, contacting conductivity, inductive conductivity, or dissolved oxygen. The FLXA21 also supports the installation of up to two sensors of the same type, thereby reducing installation costs and saving space in addition to enabling the configuration of a highly reliable backup system.

It has reliable and advanced features and functions such as a touch screen for improved operability, sensor self-diagnosis, maintenance time estimation, and 12 language display options.

TDLS200 TruePeak Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer

TDLS200Yokogawa's new TDLS200 TruePeak Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) Analyzer is designed to make fast, accurate measurements on near-infrared absorbing gases in harsh process environments. It is ideally suited to in-situ analysis, particularly for measurements in environments involving changing pressure or temperature. It can operate with process pressures up to 2 MPa absolute and process temperatures up to 1500°C, has a fast response (6 seconds), and is interference free for most applications.

The TruePeak analyzer operates by measuring the amount of a laser light that is absorbed as it travels through the gas being measured. Involving no sensor contact with the process and no moving parts, it leads to a high MTBF and hence a low cost of ownership. It offers a range of flexible installation options, and features onboard diagnostics. Using a tunable diode laser as a monochromatic light source offers the benefits of sensitivity, selectivity to resolve single absorption lines, and power - to overcome the effects of optically thick environments with high particulate loading.

The new instrument is one of the most robust process analyzers available. In addition to operating in conditions of high temperature or pressure, it can be used under difficult conditions including environments involving corrosive, aggressive and high particulate content materials.

ZR22G, ZR402G Separate Type Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

ZR402G-ZR22GYokogawa’s zirconia oxygen analyzers are used for combustion monitoring and control in a wide variety of applications and help industries to make considerable achievements in energy saving. The applications range from energy-consuming industries, such as iron and steel, electric power, oil and petrochemical, ceramics, pulp and paper, food, and textiles, to various combustion facilities, such as incinerators and small- and medium sized boilers. Combustion monitoring and control using the analyzer also contribute to a lowering of CO2, SOx, and NOx emissions by allowing for more complete combustion, thus preventing global warming and air pollution.

The ZR402G converter is equipped with an LCD touch screen which has various setting displays, a calibration display, oxygen concentration trend display, with easier operation and improvement of display functions. The converter is equipped with various standard functions such as measurement and calculation as well as maintenance functions including self-test. The ZR22G separate-type detector uses a high-reliability zirconia sensor, and its heater assembly can be replaced on site. The detector is mounted, for example, on the wall of a flue and can measure the gases directly.

AV550G Zirconia Oxygen Averaging Converter

AV550GThe AV550G Averaging Converter can accept inputs from up to eight zirconia oxygen detectors, reducing installation and maintenance costs. It sends output signals for individual and multiple (averaged) oxygen concentrations and can be used for combustion control.

The AV550G features a large 5.7-inch touch screen LCD with excellent operability for settings, calibrations, and trend graph viewing. The AV550G is ideal for combustion control in large utility boilers and various types of industrial furnaces.

Gas Density Analyzers

GD402The GD402 process gas density analyzer is based on the principle that the resonance frequency of a thin-film cylindrical vessel varies with the density of ambient gas. It can measure the density of all gases, with the exception of corrosive gases, at utility gas plants and oil refineries.

Based on the correlation between the gas density and the calorific value, the GD402 can be used for continuous measurement of the caloric value of gas , and can also be used as a hydrogen purity analyzer for a cooling system for a turbine generation, a replacement analyzer, and hydrogen purity/replacement analyzer. The GD40 detector is intrinsically safe and explosionproof and so it can be installed in hazardous areas.

Process Gas Chromatographs

GC1000The GC1000 are widely used in various industries, such as petrochemical, oil refining, metal refining, and inorganic chemical. It is available in two types: the single oven type (isothermal oven type) and the dual oven type (programmed temperature oven type).

The dual oven type has a programmed temperature oven as well as a isothermal oven, and uses capillary columns for high resolution analysis. The GC1000 are capable of analysis of samples with a wide range of boiling points.

NR800 Near Infrared Analyzer

NR800The NR800 Near Infrared Analyzer achieves high-resolution, high S/N ratio, and wide wavelength scanning range measurement with its newly developed interferometer and detector.

The NR800 allows online, real-time, continuous, multiple, and simultaneous measurement for properties and component concentration of various processes.

IR200 Universal Infrared Gas Analyzer

IR200-IR400The IR200 is capable of simultaneously measuring sample gas concentrations for O2 and up to three additional components from the following: CO2, CO, CH4, SO2, NO. Five gases other than O2 are measured using the non-dispersion infrared (NDIR) method and a single beam system, while O2 is measured by the paramagnetic or zirconia method.

A unique optical system reduces drifting caused by contamination of the measuring cell, and a high-sensitivity mass flow sensor in the detection block provides excellent long-term stability. The IR200 has a large multi-function LCD that improves operability and enables high accuracy.

The IR200 is ideal for applications such as combustion control in various types of industrial furnaces and continuous measurement at botanical research institutes.

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