Centum CS



Flexibility - Four Basic Concepts

Centrum CS
  • Innovative integration

CENTUM CS offers innovative integration to cope with various plant automation requirements - for example, integration of instrument, electric, and computer systems; integration of process and factory automation systems; integration of control-room interfaces; integration of locally as well as globally distributed systems; and integration of CIM (computer integrated manufacturing). CENTUM CS comprehensively offers optimal, innovative solutions for your integration requirements.

  • Unified architecture

Standardized interfaces with a wide variety of subsystems and software packages, simplified system operation, and a unified engineering environment are essential in achieving a truly open system environment.
CENTUM CS meets these requirements readily, while also providing maximum flexibility for future expansion, with consistent reliability and functionality ensuring smooth system advancement well into the future.

  • Increased engineering efficiency

In order to shorten the lead time between product development and production, engineering methods must be continuously refined. CENTUM CS has a wealth of field-proven application packages to meet this requirement.
It also has exceptional engineering methods which have been standardized in the open environment.

  • Life-cycle optimization

CENTUM CS is designed to optimize all costs involved in the setup, engineering, startup, maintenance, and safeguarding of your system.
Moreover, your existing software, instrumentation and information system can all be effectively integrated in the new system. This helps optimize total
systematization costs throughout the lifetime of the system.

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