Woodward PG Governors for Large Engines

Proven and reliable hydraulic-mechanical governor technology for large engines and turbines

Woodward's PG pressure-compensated governor line includes models providing from 12 up to 500 foot-pounds of work output to effectively control the speed of the largest engines and turbines.

PG dial and lever governors feature:
  • lever or dial speed adjustmen
  • a spring-driven, oil-damped ballhead which filters frequency torsional vibrations
  • an optional speed adjusting motor, electric, oil, water, or pneumatic shutdown
  • optional droop
  • wide speed range availability
Woodward PG dial governors control the speed of diesel, gas, and dual-fuel engines, including applications such as:
  • engines driving pumps
  • compressors
  • alternators- variable speed DC generators
  • marine propulsion units
  • paper machines

Besides controlling speed, PG governors can also limit load and shut down the engine when the lubricating oil pressure fails. Woodward customizes each PG governor to meet the needs of the engine and the application.


The PGA is a pressure-compensated, hydraulic governor that uses an air signal to establish the engine speed setting of the governor.

Woodward - PGAThe PGA features:

  • Isochronous or droop control
  • Available work capacities from 16 to 678 J (12 to 500 foot-pound) output capacities
  • Rotary or linear output