Woodward TG611

TG611 Governors are self-contained, mechanical-hydraulic, speed-droop governors for use on small steam turbines driving pumps, compressors, or generators, where isochronous (constant speed) operation is not required.

These governors are directly coupled to the steam-turbine’s rotor or auxiliary shaft to sense and control turbine speed.
Designed for API-611- based turbine applications, these governors include a special Overspeed Test Device, allowing controlled and safe turbine overspeed trip testing.


Simplicity and low cost are distinct advantages of the TG611 Governor. The governor operates with speed droop for stability of control and screw-type speed setting.

An internal oil pump, driven by the governor's drive shaft, transports oil from the self-contained sump. Internal pressure is maintained by a relief valve-accumulator system. An oil sight-glass provides ease in checking the oil level.

The output (terminal) shaft extends out both sides of the case, and the governor drive rotation can be in either direction.


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