PT. Mulia Solusindo Office

PT. Mulia Solusindo Office

PT. Mulia Solusindo is the right choice to solve the problem of mechanical - hydraulic governor and speed control

Christensen Plug Valve

Christensen Plug Valve

  New Delivery Concept For Quality Valves On The Global Gas And Oil Market At The Shortest Delivery Time

Woodward Governors

Woodward Governors

  Our governors are used worldwide to provide reliable and precise control of speed and output in power generation, marine,…

Yokogawa Wireless Products

Yokogawa Wireless Products

PT. Mulia Solusindo, we are Certified by DISPERINDAG as Yokogawa Sole Agent in Kalimantan

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Yokogawa Products

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ADMAG-AXRFlowmeters: Magnetic Flowmeter, Vortex Flowmeter, Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Coriolis Mass Flowmeter, Multivariable Transmitter
Since developing its first magnetic flowmeter for industrial use in 1953, Yokogawa has focused on broadening the range of applications for this technology. To ensure a high degree of reliability, the manufacturing of all key components is done in-house and in accordance with our rigorous quality control standards.


Multivariable Transmitter

EJX910A-EJX930AIntroducing the Yokogawa EJX910A multivariable transmitter, a remarkable innovation in multi-sensing technology that makes optimal use of the powerful characteristics of the single-crystal silicon resonant sensor. Experience FlowNavigator (FSA120), PC-based software that is exclusively designed for use with the EJX910A. FlowNavigator enables users to configure mass flow and achieve accurate measurements with real-time full density compensation.


Valve Positioners & Converters

YVP110Yokogawa has more than 40 years' experience in the development, design and manufacture of valve positioners and converters. They provide superior controllability and maintenance ability, which contributes to reduced plant operation costs.



Temperature Transmitters

YTA310 YTA320Temperature transmitters feature significant advances over the direct wired counterparts
 - Eliminate special cabling requirements
 - Simplify engineering and maintenance
 - Enable advanced diagnostics



IT Machine Controller (PLC)


The FA-M3 is designed and best known for its speed so it's only natural that the new series be named FA-M3V, where V stands for "Vitesse", which means speed in French. From day one, FA-M3 has relentlessly pursued higher speeds as the most effective means to solving customer challenges.

Over time, this has evolved into the High Speed IPRS (Instruction, Processing, Response and Scan) design concept. Today, we have set a new record in this quadruple speed quest by creating the FA-M3V, which offers extensibility and reliability at incredible speed.

FA-M3V, the leading edge controller for customers who will settle for nothing less than world's best.



PH450GYokogawa has liquid and gas analyzers for practically every application, from pH/ORP and conductivity analysis to laser analysis and process gas chromatography. We are known worldwide for our leadership in this field and are helping to protect the environment by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.



Power Monitoring

PR300CERTPR300 is a panel-mounted meter designed to meet two user needs: a power facility meter and a meter for monitoring energy consumption.







EJA118ADiaphragm seals are used to prevent process medium form entering directly into the pressure-sensing assembly of the differential pressure transmitter, they are connected to the transmitter using capillaries filled with fill fluid.

Woodward Products

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Yokogawa Products

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