Woodward EGB-1P/2P Governors


The EGB-2P and EGB-1P are proportional electro-hydraulic actuators combined with isochronous or droop mechanical-hydraulic ballhead governors.

While proportional actuators can be used in the same type of service as other actuator models, they are particularly well suited to engines operating in tandem to drive a common load.

The EGB-1P is used in high-performance
applications requiring fast-acting responses with lower work output. The EGB-1P has the same mounting pad, drive shaft, and terminal shaft configuration as the EGB-2P. Internal parts are also identical except for the EGB-1P’s smaller power piston.

The essential element of the actuator section is the electro-mechanical transducer. The transducer responds to the output from the electronic governor control and moves the pilot valve plunger. Pressurized oil is then directed to the actuator power piston to actuate the fuel or steam control. The pilot valve plunger movement on the actuator is balanced between transducer coil force and restoring spring force. On the governor, plunger movement is balanced between ballhead centrifugal force and speeder spring force. The pilot valve bushing is mechanically driven by the prime mover as an integral part of the governor drive shaft.

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