Woodward EGB-10P/13P/35P Governors


The EGB-10P, -13P, or -35P Governor/Actuator is used with Woodward analog or digital electronic controls that provide a proportional 20–160 mA signal to control dual fuel, diesel, and gasoline engines, and gas and steam turbines driving electrical or mechanical loads. The governor/actuator provides 14, 18, or 47 N?m (10, 13, or 35 lb-ft work capacity to position fuel racks or linkage.

During normal operation, the electronic control and actuator section of the EGB regulates fuel to the prime mover. Upon loss of electronic control signal, the standard EGB is adjusted to cause prime mover shutdown. An electronic, pneumatic, or manual starting device is then used to allow prime mover starting and operation under ballhead control. The ballhead section also regulates fuel if the control fails in such a manner as to call for maximum fuel.

The EGB governor/ actuator can also be factory set to give maximum fuel (reverse action) on electronic control signal loss.

The self-contained hydraulic oil supply makes the governor easy to maintain in almost any installation environment.

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