PT. Mulia Solusindo Office

PT. Mulia Solusindo Office

PT. Mulia Solusindo is the right choice to solve the problem of mechanical - hydraulic governor and speed control

Christensen Plug Valve

Christensen Plug Valve

  New Delivery Concept For Quality Valves On The Global Gas And Oil Market At The Shortest Delivery Time

Woodward Governors

Woodward Governors

  Our governors are used worldwide to provide reliable and precise control of speed and output in power generation, marine,…

Yokogawa Wireless Products

Yokogawa Wireless Products

PT. Mulia Solusindo, we are Certified by DISPERINDAG as Yokogawa Sole Agent in Kalimantan

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Valves designed especially for the cement industry

We are proud to announce that we have designed a new type of valve especially for the cement industry!

Valves for the cement industryThe special features for this cement valve are:

  • Maintenance free (Non-lubricated)
  • Attractive alternative to e.g. expensive Stellite hardfaced valves
  • Robust construction
  • Long lifetime
  • And the list goes on..... Download brochure pdf file

Woodward Products

  • ms_prod_006.png
  • ms_prod_003.png
  • ms_prod_009.png
  • ms_prod_007.png
  • ms_prod_010.png
  • ms_prod_002.png
  • ms_prod_004.png
  • ms_prod_011.png
  • ms_prod_008.png
  • ms_prod_005.png

Yokogawa Products

  • prod_ejx910.png
  • prod_yta220.png
  • prod_pr300.png
  • prod_ejx210.png
  • prod_ypv220.png
  • prod_dx100p.png
  • prod_rotamass3.png
  • prod_gc1000.png
  • prod_zr22g.png
  • prod_av550a.png